I have a geeky confession to make. I actually enjoy testing out different tools. I went through a long process in deciding which note taking app I should use (It may not be too surprising to hear Evernote ended up taking my heart.) I felt a bit guilty for taking so much time running my tests to see which would suit me most. However, my argument is that by wasting a few more minutes now I could potential be a much happier person later on. Not am I in search of a suitable tool, i’m also investing my energy (and sometimes money) in the team behind the tool. The same app we use today may be completely different in a year’s time, I have to trust the direction the developers are moving in is same as my own requirements.The purpose of this post is to give you an understanding why I found Trello so amazing and why I would highly recommend it as your project management tool (I am not financially affiliated with Trello in anyway)

I like to think I have done my fair share of research for project management tools. I really wanted to allow myself in taking the time to really understand my own requirements and pick the right project management service for me. The following is a list of tools I have tried and a very quick summary of my findings:

  • Basecamp – I love what 37 Signals does, really enjoyed their insightful book ReWork but basecamp didn’t feel right to me.
  • TeamBox – By recommendation from fellow web developer, very systematic approach but slightly confusing to use, maybe it’s just me.
  • Wunderkit – Beautifully designed App, worked a little slow for me and frankly I felt the heavy graphic slightly distracting.
  • Action Method – A very well designed platform by Behance, my absolutely favourite in terms of visual design, yet its too rigid
  • Trello – The very tool this post is based on, carry on reading for my thoughts.

As I’m sure you have worked out by now I ended up chosing Trello as my project management tool of chose. It’s flexiblily is absolutely amazing, it’s as close as you can get to having a whiteboard with stick notes, you can change the titles how ever you like, restructure boards if needed and assign members of your team to task with a simple drag and drop, this is an absolutely fantastic tool. I really like how the team really take their time to communicate with the community, exchanging ideas, reporting progress and milestones to each new feature, conveniently by using a Trello Board. Although it’s currently free, like DropBox and Evernote I would gladly pay money for their excellent service.

The recent addition to the Android App is also a plus (Along side their iOS and Mobile Web app), a little slow on the load but I have faith in the team. So, like I said in the title stop wasting time and start using Trello now. If you need further convincing, have a look at this article on Trello over at ReadWriteWeb


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2 Responses to “Stop thinking and start using Trello for your project management”

  1. Steve Dalton

    Great recommendation Chi. I took a look at Trello and have now rolled it out to everyone at BrandAmmo! While Trello doesn’t cover everything to do with project management, it’s a great (and free!) tool for simple job management, collaboration and hashing out ideas. Nice work!

    For a more complete project management solution, including: reporting issues, creating metrics, assigning tasks, allocating & tracking budget, recording knowledge, collaboration, and many other uses, I have always been a fan of Bugzilla, an open source project by Mozilla. Its quite a mature project now from the days when I was playing with it and it is quite adaptable for any business. I personally think they should move it away from being called Bugzilla because its portrayed being only for software development.

    Keep letting us know about other cool tools!


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