After my previous post on WordPress Booking Systems I am once again on the look out for a suitable plugin to help me manage appointments and meeting’s for a client.

The WP Booking Calendar plugins I reviewed before was very good at the job but not wanting to settle for what I already know, I went hunting for something more comprehensive. And that’s when I came across WPMU’s Appointments plugin, now it’s NOT FREE. But it is pretty powerful and flexible, aside from the usual ability to allow clients to make bookings and pay, two key function I just love is its ability to sync with Google Calendar and send user email reminders! How cool is that? So in a way it’s more than just a appointment management system but also a personal assistant which I think it’s pretty darn cool.

WPMU Appointmentswpmu-appointment-booking2

Another plugin I looked at is the JS-Appointment Calendar (No longer available) from CodeCanon, again it’s paid at $25 USD at the time of writing, so not the cheapest but it does look like it could be perfect. However, since I already have membership with WPMU, I will test out WPMU’s Appointments first. But good one to check if you are interested.


Let me know if you have any questions on any of these appointments and meetings WordPress plugins. Better yet, if you know of similar tools I should look into, please comment below!

*In case anyone is wondering what that image I used for my featured image is, it’s actually an cropped area of an traditional Chinese daily calendar.



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